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We are active in business law. We focus on protecting and enforcing intellectual property in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Avoiding Dispute

We find the solutions to avoid legal conflicts in the first place. When drafting contracts, we draw on our experience in litigation. We protect your business activities with intellectual property rights such as trademarks or designs.

Creating Value

We protect signs, logos, designs, inventions and other innovations from being used by third parties. We understand the importance of intellectual property in our digital world. With intellectual property rights and license agreements, we help create enterprise value. We also represent your interests where there is more at stake for you than direct legal dispute and seek a balance in your stead.


We defend you against third-party attacks. We attack competitors who come too close to you. We register intellectual property rights, in order to win future legal disputes.

Social change towards greater sustainability and respect for human dignity is more important to us than profit. We strive for economic viability, but not at any price.


We are sincere. We treat everyone with respect - also our opponents. We recognize trickery and know the antidote.

Our Approach

Our work is founded on science and culture. Scientific knowledge, especially psychological, sociological and political, is incorporated into our legal work. We consider it dangerous to replace facts with unsubstantiated assertions. Therefore, we always take a close look. To us, culture is one of the things that hold society together. We support the arts in many ways.


We are sustainable and work in an environmentally friendly way. To us, sustainability also means creating space for personal development, private life and family for our employees. We cultivate trusting client relationships.


We are specialists who enjoy communicating. Excellence is created when professional know-how is communicated powerfully. Excellence can only be maintained if we constantly refresh curiosity and professional passion - be it in our own team, with clients or our professional colleagues. The legal press has recognized our achievements:

brandeins, Beste Wirtschaftskanzleien 2022, 2023
Managing IP, Impact cases 2022
Focus Top Wirtschaftskanzlei 2022, 2023
Leaders League 2022, 2023
Juve Ranking 2022/23
IP Stars 2023

We are happy if you endorse our principles and incorporate them into your business activities.